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September 15, 2017


Animated genitals spread chlamydia awareness in Sweden

(Thanks to Dave Roe and Le Petomane)

We saw Animated Genitals open for Pearl Jam.


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Animated Genitals would sell out any venue, no matter who they opened for.

A sequel, 'The Animated Genital Vampires of Omaha' is already in the works.

"Chlamydnado" A movie where a tornado drops chlamydia on top of an unsuspecting city. Chlamydia would be a great word for those spelling bee contests they do yearly. I'd love to hear a judge use it in a sentence.

Back in my e.r. days we made up a song about Chlamydia that was sung to the tune of La Bamba. It went like this.
Chla chla chlamydia!
Oh you've got chlamydia and that's not right.
It must have been a bad night.
Chla, chla, chlamydia!
You're going to have to bare it one more time
for a shot in your behind.
Oh chlamydia, etc.
It went on from there. We did the dance and everything. I would like to add we NEVER did this in front of any patients. At least not the ones that were conscious.

Fake news from the mainstream chlamydia. That pain in your cocci is the result of a liberal plot.

LeDud: "Bitch gave me chlamydia!"

That lady part was obviously designed by a gay man.

My Greek mythology is a little rusty. Who the hell is Chlamydia ?

Grammar saves us from another end of the world scenario: "Animated genitals spread chlamydia, awareness in Sweden."

"Great news, Dad! I got my first job as a claymation animator!"
"Hey, that's great, son! What's the title, so your mom and I can tell all of our friends?"

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