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September 19, 2017


Mayor of New Orleans: 3 aggressive squirrels 'have been apprehended'

(Thanks to Ralph)

Update: Curiously bold squirrel climbs man's leg in New Orleans

They are undeterred.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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The Aggressive Squirrels would be a great name for a rock band.

Well, at least the squirrel climbed up the outside of his pants.

In the interest of all humanity, I have spent much of this summer in a well designed and strategically placed observation post (a.k.a a lawn chair), studying a carefully constructed experimental station (a.k.a a "bird" feeder), observing a randomly selected set of test subjects (three squirrels and two chipmunks). I have observed that squirrels and chipmunks do not like each other.

I suggest that it would be in our interest to arrange an alliance with the chipmunks

I also observed that squirrels do not like rabbits. However rabbits seem indifferent to squirrels. It would probably be difficult to persuade a rabbit to climb a tree and enter a squirrel's Evil Lair.

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