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September 28, 2017


Belligerent, topless soccer fan, 23, charged with 'indecent exposure' to 7-year-old boy

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Coincidentally, the 7-year-old boy is now taking extremely long showers.

just a mug-shot. talk about bait and switch.

Soon we won't have any rights left at all.

From now on the 7-year-old boy will be called by his new nickname of "Lucky."

If you are going to call yourself "loons", you have to expect some odd behavior. I would only consider bare breasts indecent if they were silicone monsters and covered in tattoos.


Only on her third beer? o.O

"Thank you, God!"

Three beers? Musta been Guinness.

If they can take off their shirts, why can't she?

wanderer beat me to it.

BTW: If I were to take off my shirt in public, people would instantly pass laws prohibiting such things.

Now playing: A Whiter Shade of (Very) Pale.

Show me a picture of her topless. I'll be the judge of what is decent or indecent.

Little known fact:
Martian woman have three breasts, the third one is in the back, for slow dancing.
(Source "Married with Children")

The First Amendment and boobs, people. That's all that matters.

There is no reason for those things to be in civilian hands. Except mine.

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