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September 19, 2017


Woman removes six ribs to look like Wonder Woman and declares: ‘I don’t do this for vanity’

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Seems strange that a doctor would recommend all of those procedures for health reasons.

She'll still come in for some ribbing.

Yeah, I'll bet she's a fun date

Spare ribs?

Umm, I'm pretty sure Wonder Woman has all her ribs.

She thinks she looks good?

Calling nursecindy! Who can you recommend for a psych eval?

She should meet up with that guy who thinks he's an elf.

She did it for crazy.

Well I suppose its better for her than trying to look like the Incredible Hulk.

I don't suppose she did it for attention either.

The only wonder is how that woman stays upright.

Her super powers/assets include a lasso that forces its captives to tell the truth, Amazonian strength and courage, an invisible jet, and a "Suffocation Hug", which by the way is a fantastic way to go...

Stixnstonz, if she's missing six ribs I don't think I'd hug her too hard.

NC, if you did, you'd be an organ-grinder.

Stixnstonz: But despite all that, she somehow gets captured a lot.

Go to Google, select 'images', and enter 'Wonder Woman tied up'.

I wonder about some of these comic book writers, sometimes.

Would this improve her hula hoop skills??

She can remove all her ribs, if she wants to. I am not a rib man.

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