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September 22, 2017


Deadly snake found slithering in couple's bed sheets

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who says "This happens to my wife all the time, ba dum bump​.")


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There're tough in Australia. Here in the States a horse head in a bed is about as far as it goes.

Would the kitchen be a more suitable habitat?

First of all, as much as it pains me, *SMACKS* Le Petomane. I think you meant to say "They're tough in Australia".
If this happened in my house I'd definitely consider committing arson.

There there, NC! (*duck*)

BTW, I saw a sign last night for a business that said it was located "Just passed the boat docks".

Was that "deadly" or "dead," Jon?

PirateBoy, I'm going to spare you this time.
A few weeks ago I read a review on a leather sofa. One buyer was complaining that her sofa started to "peal" two weeks after she bought it.

Boa'n Branch sheets?

That probably put some spice in their love life.

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