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September 12, 2017


Sexually aroused male flies unable to sleep after close encounters with females

(Thanks to James Jones)


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Finally! Dave is able to put Irma aside and get back to the really crucial issues.

"When males and females were first introduced, they usually copulated within the first 30 minutes."

Just like at college frat parties, right?

Maybe a real small cigarette afterwards would help?

You want flies? With that?

So our counterparts in the insect world suffer like us human males. Of course black widow male spiders are even worse off.

Maybe if the male flies kept their humans zipped once in a while...

Didn't Sexually Aroused Males open for Bananarama?

"Sleep pressure" and "sleep rebound." ZZZzzz ...

"...After this, the females no longer engaged in sexual activity, but the males continued to try and court them, spending on average half of the next 23 hours actively courting..."

I thought Sheila and I had something special, but it's obvious now that all she wanted was a "maggot-Daddy"

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