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September 18, 2017


Chinese sex doll rental service suspended amid controversy

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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Did these people learn nothing from Bowie's song?

Animals. If we can manage to convince the Chinese that jihadist testicles are an aphrodisiac, they’ll be gone in less than 2 years.

Is there a highway toll lane version...?

"Yuan good time, big boy?"

Rent a sex doll? EUGH !

A DAILY fee !!??? I've heard of sloppy seconds, but no thank you to a used doll.

I was about -pace ImNotDave- to ask who would want a rental one of these, but then discovered I didn't want to know.

I better get my deposit back. Just sayin'

Reduce Reuse Recycle... ♻

Do they spray it's nether regions with the same spray that is used for rented bowling shoes?

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