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September 28, 2017


Guy stopped with 3,100 pounds of weed tells cop, “It’s just a little — I can throw it out”

(Thanks to Ralph)

In Other Cannabis News: Legal Weed May Be a Windfall for McDonald’s and Taco Bell

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Mike Leone)


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If that was "just a little" I want to see what that guy considers a lot.

Aggressive Glaucoma Prevention Program

The munchies are driving up fast-food sales in states where marijuana is legal.

Duh! Now past the Locos Doorito Tacos, please!

"Windfall" and "Taco Bell" should never be used in the same sentence.

Just a little? That's what hipsters call prepping.

I was managing a gold mine in Colorado when the sheriff asked if they could dump some confiscated marijuana in a shallow, caved shaft on the property and burn it. I agreed, but then State Police and another county sheriff's department along with the FBI showed up with even more weed. Filled that hole almost full. Then they set it on fire, but there was so much weed they couldn't get a good fire going. Then the local sheriff asked me to get a few sticks of dynamite to loosen the pile. They had a firetruck standing by so I did as asked and sure enough there was smoking weed blown all over the place. Not one lawman had even mentioned the effects of drifting clouds of marijuana smoke. Let's just say things became interesting.

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