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September 14, 2017


A South Carolina mayor was stopped by police after they found him driving a lawn mower down the middle of the road with an open beer.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Mowin', mowin', mowin'
Keep that mayor mowin'
Now Irma's winds are blowin' .. no more!
Through rain an' wind an' weather
Cold beer is better
For gettin' to the end of his chores.

I could have gotten away with this when I dated the Mayor's daughter.

Miller Lite?

Is there a (hic) problem, officer?

Soon we won't have any rights left at all.

"'scuse me, officer, but could you direct me to the Lawn Ranger tryouts?"

What is this Open Beer anyway ? Is it any good ?

Paragraph C, section 2 of SC code states that liquor cycles include mopeds and lawn mowers.This happened 25 miles from me. "Is there a problem, officer? See me at next Conway city meeting."

"Ossifer, I'm on my way home after mowin' my mother-in-laws lawn."
Officer--"Your honor, if we didn't know she lives in Sun City, Arizona, that would be a perfectly valid excuse."

"What do you mean, this ain't my Nissan? Whoa!"

That lawn mower has tires as big as Formula 1's. I bet that at first they stopped him for speeding.

Well, he could have been busted for grass, so...

as long as he doesn't use a government issued credit card to buy a tuxedo for the lawn mower, I have no problem with it.

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