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September 27, 2017


Iredell sheriff: Beer-drinking men watch lawnmower burn, shoot at cars, set house on fire

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Is there anyone here who has not been shot with a taser tonight?" "How about a gun?" Anyone present who does not have a gun and matches in their pocket?"

Boys just wanna have fun.

Heck, based on the headline I thought it was a robotic lawnmower run amok, i.e., after it burned, it shot at passing cars and set the house afire. If it was just people, they do this all the time.

Just a typical "fun" day in Flathead!

wait, you mean it's not Flathead?

I'm shocked!

[Flathead's gonna have to "step up their game", IYKWIM.]

@Tembo, at least they used the Oxford comma.

"Is there anything beer can't do ?" Homer Simpson.

The picture says it all.

You're a mess!

You're a Messer!

We'll see about that!

A typical evening in Flathead County.

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