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September 16, 2017


Good Ol' Boys Drive Truck Through Water So Deep It Pours In Cabin Over The Hood

We cannot figure out how that truck keeps going. Maybe it's running on moonshine.

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "Late for their Mensa meeting.")


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"Yeah, it's a one owner. Pretty much pampered. Rarely drove it in the rain."

Might have a snorkel-- off-road users will set them up.

Don't do this at home, kids

That's an ex-military truck with a snorkel air intake. Try that with most vehicles and you fry the electronics. Anyone buying a used car now should be particularly wary.

Another fine "Hold my beer" moment.

Videos like this are proof that Darwin was wrong, we are not evolving as a species.

Ralph is right about it being an ex-military diesel with a snorkel. Rednecks like them because they can wash their clothes, do the dishes and bathe while drinking and acting like an idiot.

I once drove my 2001 F150 through water that came over the hood. A street that was flooded much deeper than I thought. Bad judgement and all that. No snorkel, just kept moving in low gear, and climbed out the other side. Not only did it keep running and not miss a beat, but the door seals didn't even leak. A considerable amount of water poured out of the bed.
I still don't know how I made it.

Le Petomane:Acting?

Something I read in a story years ago:

"What do you think of the Theory of Evolution?"
"I think it decidedly premature. In many people I know, the process is far from complete."

Probably the first bath they've had in weeks.

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