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September 23, 2017


Doomsday is not on Saturday after all

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Dang! But on the good side, lentils have the shelf life of an Egyptian mummy.

You mean I gave away everything, burned down my house and came out to this lonely hill to wait for nothing ?

I guess this means I'm going to have to pay my credit card bills afterall.


Yet another Great Disappointment

(With all apologies to the Milerites who lurk on this blog)

But I already RSVPed!

A local church group used to have ( a few decades ago) a weekly TV show where they predicted the end of the world every Saturday. Of course they were wrong, but tried to cover the error by saying the faithful had prayed "really hard" and that saved us. Sure, except after a few weeks of this, the deception wore thin.

I'm glad they got those Ya-who's off the tube.

And I was all set to give the devil "hell"!

Well I would hope not. I want to relax on Saturday, not deal with the end of the world. That kind of thing just cuts into your spare time.

We saw Doomsday open for the Fantastic Four back in the Marvel age. Bigly.

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