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September 20, 2017


Pasco man arrested for driving into person who set bananas on his car

Totally justified.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The guy wouldn't have needed to use his car if he knew

Sorry about that: Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit.

Peel-outs are illegal.

Jeff---Thanks for posting the Monty Python link. It really fits today!

I totally understand his response although I would have just slapped him and not tried to run over him. After driving the same car for almost 20 years I got a new one last week. Parts of my vintage Mercury were starting to fall off in the road. If somebody did this to my new car it wouldn't be pretty.

Yes, we have no bananas,
because some dude drove over them
and pinned the buyer to the car
And he will be arrested and sent afar....

Florida has a Pasco, too, eh? I'm sorry.

♫ He pinned the buyer to the car
He hadn't noticed that the light had changed... ♫

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