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September 29, 2017


Maine firefighters say they had to rescue a New York couple who took a wrong turn and mistakenly drove into the Atlantic Ocean.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Don't Judge. Those oceans can really sneak up on you.

"Ethel, you did it again. You turned on the heated seats instead of the GPS. Only this time we're really sunk."

If elected mayor of Tremont, I will make it my highest priority to see that signs are posted at all docks - "Warning: Ocean Ahead. Proceed At Own Risk".
Also, "Do Not Trust Squirrels Selling Road Maps".

Was it really necessary to put n the word "mistakenly"?

Edgar, I'm tired of taking the heat of all your complaints.

Do NOT rely on a GPS in NH or Maine. If you use one to try to get to my house from the south, it sends you down a logging road into the mud. Even if you get on the right road, it says you have arrived when you are two miles away.

I have no intention of sending in corrections. It avoids surprise visitors.

Ralph, in most Central American countries they don't have street addresses. Directions are usually something like "turn left 500 meters past where the big oak used to be". The assumption is that your family and friends know where you live. Anyone else may not be welcome.

This has to be a married couple.

Reminds me of the (urban myth?) directions a Chicago cabdriver once gave to tourists inquiring the way to Lake Michigan: "Walk east 'til your hat floats."


Should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque :(

Ayuh. Happened in Bah Hahbah, didn't it?

Continue East for 2,955 miles. Your destination will be on your left.

Wanderer2575 -- I once provided directions from one building to another in Chicago. About four blocks. I included directions for what would happen if you came to Lake Michigan, the Chicago River (two ways since it curves) and the Gulf of Mexico. Going the wrong direction North, I included key landmarks up to Canada.

The person from the suburbs thought the directions were great. Everyone else caught on to the joke.

Their plan was to drive into the Pacific Ocean.

"recalculating.....recalculating....recalcu "

(To misquote Melville: thar she sinks!)

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