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September 26, 2017


Dozens of massive dildos mysteriously wash up on an Italian beach forcing lifeguards to ban kids from bathing

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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I see "FILTHY PHALLIC FLOTSAM" whenever they open for anyone...

Perhaps these are jetsam from Moan Like A Pirate Day?

Some dog walkers would have that beach cleaned up on no time. And get plenty of exercise.

Didn't Helen Reddy co-write Massive Dildo's on the Beach?

Did Jaws music play in the background?

Wasn't this a "trade in Your Used Dildo" promotion at that national sex shop?

[Yuk! Some of them are dirty filthy!]

♫ Filthy phallic flotsam on the beach is quite atrocious. ♫

Anyone else notice a recent spike in dildo stories?

Wasn't Dancing Dirty Dildos on the Beach a failed Italian opera?

Always avoid alliteration.

Imagine if they got sucked into a tornado and it started to rain dildos?

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