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September 26, 2017


Roadkill Salvage Proves Quite Popular In Washington, Coming Soon To Oregon

(Thanks to timbang)


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If any of our fellow readers from the Pacific Northwest are interested, I have my grandma's recipe for homemade Pea Gravel Soup that goes great with a Roadkill Roast.

Plus, if get the permit you qualify to print coupons for discounts at the local wine shop. A nicely aged merlot pairs well with elk that is hit by any SUV or pickup, while a chilled pinot noir is highly recommended for serving with fowl provided there are no discernible bits of fender or vehicle glass of any kind. (Stray bits of undercarriage are acceptable if well rinsed.)

I don't know, Meanie. Maybe if it was hit by a sturdy, classic metal bumper. But with the late model cheap plastic, I'd be concerned about BPA contamination.

Most of my friends in Portland would want to have Mad Dog with their elk.

Then again, Mad Dog may have been involved in the initial incident.

I agree, that is increasingly a concern, Stix. But the sommelier that I consulted at Happy Sam's Isuzu/Chevy/Tata/BMW/Tesla/Hyundai/Dodge assured me very loudly that the use of BPA in plastics on their models is limited to the exhaust system and cup holders.

My understanding is that if you bring roadkill elk or deer to any location of Powell's Books they will give you a buck off your purchase.

If anyone wants to borrow my 'Roadkill Cookbook' , has a few spills on it and some of the pages are stuck together with goodness- knows-what, however ...

Roadkill Salvage sounds like a really good name for a country-punk band.

I thought the Oregon Highway Dept had roadkill under control since that little incident with the whale.

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