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September 25, 2017


Someone made a candy corn pizza and the Internet is unhappy

(Thanks to [appropriately enough] Ralph)


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"Crispy Crunches are the best,
look delicious on your vest,
serve them to unwanted guests,
stuff the mattress with the rest."

If we all face north and lean hard to the right at the same time, I think we might be able to get the earth spinning again. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the Apocalypse is here to stay.

My wife's family has a breakfast recipe they all love, for "Cap'n Crunch French Toast"... Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds, and will put you straight into a diabetic coma when you add syrup.

No worse than a Chucky Cheese "pizza", IYKWIM, AITYD.

Sugar-coated, suger-fortified, bits of sugar.--From an early Martin Mull comedy bit.

What could possibly go wrong?

"The Internet is unhappy"? Sounds like Yahoo clickbait.

The Internet is unhappy? The Internet needs to get over itself, the whiny spoiled brat!!

Weeeell, it's not pumpkin spice.

That pumpkin spice is a slippery slope...next stop...oregano!

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