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September 28, 2017


1:30 p.m. A Hungry Horse man caught a skunk. He now wanted advice on what to do with it.


4:48 p.m. A Columbia Falls woman said some “weird stuff” was going on. When asked the elaborate, the woman said, “Are you serious?” Then she hung up.


1:21 p.m. A Kalispell resident called 911 after being flagged down by a woman in sweatpants on the side of the road. The caller said he stopped to see what was wrong and the woman jumped in the car. The driver politely asked her to leave the vehicle and the woman cursed him out and then left. The man was confused about everything that had transpired.

(Thanks to Roberto) 


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Sounds like the combination could make for a great date night

12:59 p.m. A Kalispell man said he got a call from someone screaming about Barack Obama.

You know, Donald Trump really needs to get over it.

I think that the police over there don't ask anymore WHY?? Why did you do (insert some stupid thing)? There is no answer to why.

Sounds like the '80's want their foreign policy back... or something.

Dear Hungry Horse resident with the skunk. Let it go. Quickly. As for the Kallispell resident, chances are your woman in sweatpants was a lady of the evening, iykwim. Let her go too.

@nursecindy - maybe you could write an advice column in their newspaper (Maury Povich owns it), something like "Dear Abby". Probably that would cut the number of calls to the police by at least a half.

@nursecindy--Cindy, he chose to catch that skunk, he knew what he was getting into. I say make him keep it.

Surprised no sightings of Russian Helicopters and even more so no mention of deceptive Laura Suzane Roadtruck.

The man was confused about everything that had transpired.

Pretty much any Flathead County item could end with those words.

I definitely would subscribe to the Flathead Beacon if it had a "Dear nursecindy" advice column.

^+1 wanderer

It still bothers me - why on Earth did you want to catch that skunk? Why?

I have to totally agree with that Columbia Falls woman. If I have to explain it, you obviously are part of the problem.

Nice to see Flathead being normal (Ie weird) again!

6:18 p.m. A theft that took place five years ago was reported in Coram.

It may take another decade to solve it, good citizen!

Vigilence is everyone's underwear, as I've told Alfred!

Women think that men will do anything for them. WE'RE NOT SLAVES LADIES ! And please don't tell my wife I said that.

Loco: When skunks decide to take up residence under a house, live-trapping them is often the best option.

I have caught quite a few accidentally in Havahart squirrel and raccoon traps, and never had a problem with them in a trap if they are handled gently and they can't raise their tails to spray. They prefer to rear up and stamp their feet first, which is also difficult in a trap. I pick up a trap, move it away from a house or whatever I don't want them heading for, open the door, and the skunk figures out it can amble out and go about its business. This was not the void it was looking for.

I think we need to send Maury a group petition demanding an Ask Nursecindy column and threatening dire consequences (to be specified later) if he doesn't comply.

Suckling skunk with an apple in the mouth?

Is that the same Hungry Horse man who terrorized Ichabod Crane?

A "Dear Nurse Cindy"column in the Flathead Beacon would be a brilliant move. Readership would shoot off the charts and it would be syndicated. We could also learn a lot about forensic veterinary medicine and all sorts of country survival tips that work most of the time.

If the Flathead Beacon reads this, I'm available. Did I mention I'm cheap too?
Thanks for all the kind words guys. My dad had surgery yesterday and we found out he has a small brain aneurysm so I really needed the laughs today. I love you all.

@NC - good luck to your dad. My wife had that too and we were very worried.

{{ nursecindy }}

^+1 MOTW

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