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September 18, 2017


A neural network learns to create better D&D spells

And it has invented the name “Dave” which is now, for some reason, its favorite.

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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Taxpayers moan.

I find the Summon Ass spell quite intriguing. How specific is it though?

With so many great possibilities for names, I gotta start a rock band.

One of them was "Hail to the Dave".''

Hail Dave!

Everybody loves Dave! I welcome our new "Dave" overlords.

(As long as they are nice.)

Curse words.

I would suspect the Gland Growth spell would be a bestseller for guys.

"Shield of Farts" might also be a contender.

Forceful Force should do the trick.

"Dood to Stone" - sounds perfect for that Canadian guy.

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