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September 22, 2017


The thong is dead.

(Thanks to mezrap)


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And yet Cher is still out there somewhere.

🎶 ~ "Thing, thong, the wedgie's dead..." ~ 🎶

Yet Kin Jong Thong lives.

What is BM going to do?

I was told (by a woman) that the initial conversion to thonging was because thongs were more comfortable than panties.

If thongs are wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Why does the thong-wearer in that first picture have WORDS written on her butt? Are they the instructions?

Instead of getting rid of it entirely, couldn't we institute some kind of licensing and training protocol?

Thing a thad thong.

Long live the "whale tail"!

Thongs are blue,
Everybody wore one....

"Women have finally cracked."
I thought women wore thongs to prove that point.

Shouldn't it be federal law that anything that starts out as a junior-high-male activity (think "wedgie") should not be allowed to morph into a fashion statement?

The thong has ended, but the malady lingers on.

Finally, some good news on this Friday.

May we have a Cher Content Warning next time, please?

We hardly knew ya....

Everybody goes commando now.

Does this mean, as a reciprocal measure, guys can pack away their budgie smugglers?

Atomic wedgies to any blog guy who thinks this trend should continue.

I'm still waiting for someone to answer the question; "where do you put the potato?"

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