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September 29, 2017


Wanted: Prosthetic eye lost by Daytona Beach surfer

(Thanks to G.H. Mercer)


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Many of us promise to, all together now, keep an eye out for it.

Hey dude, quit whimpering. Buy a black eye patch, a parrot and start saying ARRRGH a lot. Take up another, more thrilling avocation.

Wait -- am I looking for it, or is it looking for ME?

Hey, Le Petomane! That's *my* costume!

He must have made a spectacle of himself.

Eye? Aye!

Isn't it eyeronic, don't ya think?

Hang ten! ...x 2... /20...

There is a dirty joke that I know would never get posted on the blog so I'll just say "I'll keep an eye out for you sailor".

Another classic joke ends:

"Oh, would I?! WOULD I?!"
"Oh, yeah? Big nose! BIG NOSE!"

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