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September 20, 2017


Don’t Eat The Random Melons Growing In The Middle Of Amsterdam Avenue

The melons were planted by the “night salad manager” at the store.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Night salad management courses are very competitive at NYC universities, and frequently require a certificate in Vegetation Display Disguising as a prerequisite.

I am almost speechless at the idea of anyone eating something growing in the middle of Amsterdam Avenue.

Those are Audrey III plants.

Planting attractive fruit and simply telling people not to eat it has never worked out well ever since that apple tree incident in Eden.

Here in the South we plant our melons in a patch the way you-know-who intended. Yankees!

@nursecindy--Your melon patch story reminded me of the farmer who got tired of kids stealing his watermelons so he posted a sign: "Danger, one of these melons has been poisoned."
The next morning the sign had been changed to read: "Danger, TWO of these melons have been poisoned."

Snork at a comment below that story:

Melon folly babies

Amsterdam Avenue Melons WBAGNFARB.

Feral melons can be a big problem.

The Random Melons played once or twice...

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