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September 30, 2017


Don't tattoo your eyeball.

(Thanks to Steve K.)

Don't eat your placenta!

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Don't listen to the Blog, idiots. If you want an eye tattoo, go for it! Also, take the pills offered to you by the guy you met at the party, and I'm pretty sure you can cross before the train gets here. Embrace the Darwinism!

Well, there goes my weekend.

Ink runs in our eyeballs.-test slogan for the tat artist

Just when you think the human race can't possibly get any dumber.

Thinking of the surfer who lost his glass eye, I suppose if you had your name and address tattooed on your eyeball it would help to get it back if you lost it for some reason.
Darwin candidates will understand this logic.

Injecting a needle filled with toxic ink into your eyeball- what could possibly go wrong?

What about tattooing the lower balls? Any advice, NC?

Is there a Near-Darwin Award?

@ Frank Davuco--They used have an Honorary Darwin Award for a good attempt, but they may have had so many candidates they were forced to drop that category.

"...patients who wanted to take their placenta home after delivery in order to eat it."

I'm picturing a white styrofoam leftover container with those tabs that never stay closed. No thanks...

Krol, I don't see a problem! Be sure to post pictures or it didn't happen. You may want to stock up on ice packs and Neosporin.

I think I posted this awhile ago but you can never read up on it enough: A discussion on placenta stew.

Cross my heart and hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye...

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