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September 29, 2017


Customs officers seize $85,824 worth of counterfeit Barbies

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Bob Brogan)


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Probably an idea of the same guy who plans to open a string of auto body shops in Saudi Arabia.

Snork@ manual tomato--who may be dodging some tomatoes over that comment.

How can you tell if they're fake ? The Barbies, I mean.

Given the current price of toys, I think that is only two dolls.

@Clankie - If you squeeze them, you can feel the silicone. The Barbies, I mean, too.

This must be part of that sex trade problem I've read about.

Heaven! I'm in heaven ..

"the dolls were piratical copies that violated Mattel's intellectual property"

Just missed TLAPD: new Pirate Barbie! (no ™)

No one seems to be able to wipe that smirk off of Ken's face.

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