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September 21, 2017


ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! For those of you driving on Chuckey Pike in Greene County: THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION! Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.09.35 PM

(Thanks to Alan Dean and Ralph)


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Looks like somebody already drove on Chuckey Pike.

Is there any chance that the homeowner is Stephen King?

But it's only September 21!

Actually, cindy, I think it might be this guy.

No tricks for you! But a fine will do!

I would suspect Carl Hiaasen or Stephen King of coming up with the idea, but I admire anyone who would actually put one of these out.

Yeah, time to get some Christmas decorations out, too.

anyone putting up halloween decorations in mid sept. should be put under that door for real.

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