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August 30, 2017


Justin Bieber’s testicles spark lawsuit

(Thanks to funny man and Ralph)


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Lesson learned, only use approved and fully tested sex toys.

You got balls, Biebs.

Of course, they opened for (who else?) Bananarama.

"...spark lawsuit," and pom pom sweaters.

Look up the origins of the word "testify"... :)

My testicles used to spark things, too, but I've learned to slow down as I've grown older.

It seems these days people get all worked up over he smallest matters.

Maybe they discovered he had neuticles.

That'll teach him to play soccer. One good kick and you can lose the ball.

She wasn't fired because she's a woman. She was fired because she's a moron who obviously has never heard of HIPAA.
Note to Dave: I don't like thinking about Bieber's balls.

He has nads? Who knew?

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