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August 24, 2017


Bacteria from elite athletes’ poop might boost sports performance

(Thanks to Tembo Samadi)


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"The STANK that STICKS" --NEW SLOGAN for energy drinks suggested the the American Chemical Society

In the old days when someone said,"Dude, I scored some really good sh!t today," it had a totally different meaning.

Maybe, if applied using the soon-to-be excreted facial cream version, it can make Cindy Crawford's mole look amazing.

I know I'd run away pretty fast if they tried to make me drink that.

Big reversal. Now we have to tell our trainers to push.

"...And as the clock winds down, victory at hand, the Patriots sneak up on Coach Belichek and dump a cooler of 'Tom Brady's Gut Bomb' (patent pending) over his head... Haha! What a bunch of jokers!"

Suddenly Ben McAdoo, Head Coach of the NY Giants, woke up from his sleep with a start.

His wife, Toni, sleepily asked "What's wrong, Ben?"

"I just had the worst nightmare. I dreamed that Belichek just won the Super Bowl!"

"That's a load of cr$P!", Toni replied, "You know you have the better team. You have Eli, plus you have the best defensive line in the league."

"I know, I know...It must have been caused from watching 'Hamilton' tonight with you."

"Hamilton, why?", said Toni.

"All that singing about patriots really got to me!"

"Say goodnight, Ben!"

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