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August 29, 2017


Everyone’s Running for President in 2020

(Thanks to funny man)


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I see stupid people.

Harold Stassen is dead (lok him up, whippersnappers), so it's time for a revival:

Dave Barry for President
[Your Beliefs Here}

Politicians trying to look normal. Look, can we just get a local ordinance that all federal politicians must wear orange jumpsuits when in town and a federal law that all local politicians must wear black and white stripes.

Loudmouth, that's a great idea but I think it's possible to improve it by requiring candidates to campaign in the nude. That would make the New Hampshire primary in February verrry interesting. It could also greatly shorten political speeches if candidates were forbidden to use insect repellent while campaigning at state fairs.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly declare that I am NOT running for POTUS; however, I am endorsing Dave Barry, and encouraging my followers to do the same. While Dave may not be running at this point, it's been noted that he often does reach a semi-trot.

But right now it is FROM President...

La la la la la We can't possibly be talking about this...

What's that you say, everyone's running? Well then, go ahead and count me in.

Dave Barry for President, Stephen King for Vice President, Whoopi Goldberg for Secretary of State.
Now THERE'S a ticket I can get behind......

Wolfsong-If you could add Carl Hiaasen to be Secretary of Defense (mainly to mess with NK) your nominees look good to me. Personally, I refuse to run. However the POTUS retirement system sure beats Social Security.

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