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August 27, 2017


Chickens will become a beloved pet — just like the family dog

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Not so impressive to those of us whose dogs can lay eggs.

Training them to fetch, get housebroken, and not eaten will be challenging.

Some retired Colonel guy in Kentucky started a pet chicken craze back in the late 1950's. But for some reason those chickens always disappeared.

I just returned from dinner at Carl's Jr. His chickens must have all been mutants, because the menu advertised "Chicken Fingers".

There's a big argument about owning backyard chickens, particularly roosters, in many less rural areas, where it is now an illegal procedure. People want the laws changed to allow personal fowl.

How many personal fowls can I own before I'm out of the game?

What's that, Chickie? Timmy has fallen down a well?

Nope, sorry, doesn't work.

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