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August 31, 2017


Squirrels Are Unintentionally Luring Bears to Railroad Tracks

(Thanks to Bill Rudersdorf in Houston. Stay dry, Bill.)


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Who among us hasn't set up food on railroad tracks to see the impact on an apex predator?

Squirrel "middens". There's a word you don't hear everyday.

People middens = picnic baskets

Protecting the cakes by eliminating the bears.

"Stopping those seed leaks, say the researchers, is the only way to keep them safe."

Nonsense. I'll bet they didn't even try telling the squirrels to put their middens further from the tracks before jumping to that conclusion.

Sounds like the squirrels have a "loco motive".

Thank you...

Ol' Romney is darn worthy for something after all - his nickname can help red squirrel fans recall that middens are stores and casches of seeds put away bt them for winter that bears are getting run over by trains in Canada over...whew...

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