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August 31, 2017


Rental car slides into boiling hot lagoon in North Iceland

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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"It was like that when I got here" -- Homer Simpson

They were charged extra for the steam cleaning service, however.

Not only was the car cleaned and undamaged, the sack of clams in the trunk were perfectly cooked. All told, the day went swimmingly.

The smell of boiling hot lagoon is better than new car smell.

Um, paging Mr. Language Person. Shouldn't that be "waiver?"

I thought the "damage waver" was the insurance guy waving his middle finger at me, telling me it's not covered.

Picture a tow truck guy with the keys to unlock the car so he can put the shift into "NEUTRAL" for the tow BUT he has to WADE IN BOILING HOT WATER, unlock the door, and sit or lean over to change the gear...OR he might ruin the transmission of the car dragging it out while still PARK oh yeah...he can ASSUME it popped out of PARK and rolled in NEUTRAL BUT he still has to wade in to HOOK UP to drag it out!
I think too much...

Wonder what kind of gas mileage that car gets ?

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