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August 31, 2017


His bulletproof shirt is now available in Miami. He shot his wife to prove it works

Update: The Herald is having problems with this link (keep scrolling down). This is not judi's fault, although she has been fired anyway as a precaution.


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As Microsoft support suggested, I tossed my computer out the window onto the front yard, I still can not open the link.

The article is almost at the end of the page so you have to scroll down pretty far.
What I find interesting is the woman is standing there very straight with her eyes wide open. The husband is hunched over with his gun and his eyes are closed. I've never trusted anyone that much.

I'll wait until this article appears in the Times.

It works now.

Send this guy to Washington too.

So -- are they gonna sell these at Target?

Calling William S. Burroughs.

When in doubt...whi..er fire Judi since it's usually her fault anyway.

Many a husband's fantasy....but without the vest....

Someone had a vested interest in firearms.

can't shoot this

-- MC Armor

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