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August 30, 2017


Men DON’T want sex all the time and AREN’T obsessed with porn

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "More fake news.")


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We men will give you their collective answer in about 300 years (See yesterday's Amazon porn-cloud posting)

It's also little known facts that men love to shop, hate sports, and wish women would ask them to cuddle more.

'Scuse me while I whip this out.

cindy, you forgot knitting. Guys love to knit. Dave told me.

Things MEN actually LOVE--
With apologies to Julie Andrews and Nurse Cindy.

Raindrops on roses
and whiskers on kittens
bright copper stills and warm shooting mittens
boxes of booze bottles all done up with string
these are a few of men's favorite things

As the comment from B.Q.Ribbs stated, "Once in a while we need to stop and chug a beer or two."

Real men obsess about sex, guns and cars. The guns and cars don't grade performance.

Bravo Le Petomane!

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