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August 06, 2017


And have we got a unique gift idea for you!

(Thanks to funny man)


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Be the first on your block to own one! Some assembly required.


Oh, the humanity!

The nice thing is few people will already have one, so it is a very unique gift.

Will that be MasterCard, Visa or AmEx?

Does it include the gas, gas, gas?

♫ There'll be a hot, hot time in Lakehurst, New Jersey
When the Hindenburg lands today.
Oh, the band will start to play,
And we'll "hip, hip, hip, hooray!"
When the Hindenberg lands today.
All the way from Germany you've flown it to us.
And we all know your motto is "New Jersey or Bust!"
There'll be a hot, hot time in Lakehurst, New Jersey
When the Hindenburg lands today!

Why do I get a subliminal message "Some imperfections may exist"?

We're gonna need more wrapping paper and tape.

WARNING: Do not attempt to inflate indoors.

"The instruction manual said not to inflate the dirigible with hydrogen gas. Shucks, hydrogen is lighter than air and cheaper than helium. I don't see any problem."

---From the diary of the late Wesley Snerd, one of the first buyers of this model airship.

Rest In Pieces Wesley.

You'll never need tickets to watch the Big Game again! Just slap a logo on the side and float this puppy over the field.

Dear Acme Company,
I wish to purchase this prime specimen of dirigible for my, uh, sight-seeing business near the Grand Canyon.

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