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August 26, 2017


Calgary man in Houston planning to ride out Hurricane Harvey with a 24-pack of beer

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Sounds like a good plan. What's your point, Dave?

My point is, that's nowhere near enough beer.

Thanks, I see. Good point. And I did not realize that you actually read those comments. Wow.

The guy is a piker. First off riding out even a modest hurricane requires several cases of beer and water. And what about the pizza stash? Also plan ahead for some way to stay in touch and be comfortable after your phone, TV, air conditioning and refrigerator goes dead from lack of power.
Maybe visiting friends and family in Calgary might be a better plan?

Due to the Blog's strict policy, Australian have no comment regarding sissy Calgarians.

Where's he at? 'Cause I'm halfway between Houston and the coast, running out of beer, and Saturday night's coming.
Seriously, 8 inches of rain, and as far as wind, let's just say the suck factor has been high and falling.

How will we know if he survives? More important, how will HE know if he survives?

Methinks I smell a "Hold my 24-pack and watch this" storm selfie in the works...

Drunk and unconscious is no way to ride out...okay, wait...maybe he has something there!

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