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August 28, 2017


VietJet has promised its flight attendants will be properly clothed on maiden route

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Dang it!

This is very unfortunate.

Maidens, as in sacrifices or hand?

I'm going back to People's Express, then. Nobody was properly clothed on the Bus in the Sky.

Dong fine, women finer?

After I fly Vietjet, I always stop off near the office and have coffee.

A 20 million dong loss. Oh, the humanity!

Does Sports Illustrated have an airline ?

They should continue to have the bikini contests, but clothe the women in burkas. A "burkini" is what they call it I think.

20 million Dong is only $A1100, no worries.

Those seats are so crowded, there's hardly room for a proper lap dance anyway. Dang trays keep dropping down.

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