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August 30, 2017


Vladimir Putin has introduced the newest weapon in his arsenal - the enormous Schit machine designed to take his country's crowd control to the next level.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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When the Schit hits the fans" he he.

We could use one of those at my kids softball game. (To protect the umpires of course)

Russia's model has been built by Kalashnikov Concern, which produces 95 percent of the weapons in the country and supplies arms to 27 nations around the world.

What on earth do they do with all those appendages?
And no demand for legs?

With some modification they could be turned into the modernized version of a "Scoop". The police used them rather ruthlessly for crowd control and food harvesting in the movie, "Soylent Green."

"Do as you're told, or it's the SCHIT machine for you!"
"Sir yes sir!"

What can you do ? Schit happens.

Get up, Get on up, Stay on the feelin', Like a Schit Machine. Huhwa.

that 18 tonnes works out to about 19.85 US tons.

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