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August 29, 2017


'It' Movie Causing Legit Clowns to Lose Work

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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They should just run for president.

Send in the clowns?

Don't bother, they're there.

Imagine that! Unfortunately, there is no law preventing them from entering politics....and that is also SCARY!

SO what exactly is a "legit" clown? Is there any agency that 'certifies' them?

" Stephen King has ticked off the clowns. "

Not to mention the pyromaniacs, the Pymouth Furys, the large homicidal-foaming-at-the-mouth dogs and the psychotic fan-girls.

Isn't the term "legit clown" an oxymoron like "Army Intelligence"?.

I remember watching "It" on TV. Tim Curry scared the heck out of me.

They could buy this and run it:

I've often heard people say "That clown should be fired!", especially when I'm at the DMV.

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