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August 23, 2017


Teenager arrested for dancing Macarena on Saudi street

(Thanks to B'game and Jeff Meyerson)


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Don't even ask what happens when you do The Lambada.

You beat me to it.

The poor kid is suffering a side effect of listening to Manilow music.
We had a chap here in New Mexico who constantly listened to a Spanish version of Copacabana. It went something like this:
"His name is Chupa, The chupacabra
Yes, the Chupa (Chup) the chupacabra
His mealtime's a taste of the macabre"

He has visiting hours on Friday afternoons.

Good one, Le Pet! ^5

The inability to dance in public was what turned Bin Ladin into a terrorist, according to secret files.

I would share them, but then...you know.

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