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August 29, 2017


Town’s bid to beat world record for number of pirates in one place fails because three wannabe swashbucklers went to the pub instead

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "Hey, they're pirates.")


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They're gonna be on a dead man's chest.

only 14,318 turned up for the count.
"The pirates of Penzance is an expression everyone knows - not the pirates of Hastings. They are just impostors.'
The Cornish town has faced a ding-dong battle with Hastings for several years to claim the Guinness World Record which locals believe it is their right to own.

What's a "ding-dong" battle if you show up with Ho-Hos?
Has anyone seen PirateBoy lately?

They obviously didn't do any research. If they had free grog (beer), or free treasure, it might have worked.

Since this gathering was on shore, they should have held it at the pub in the first place.

They would've gotten away with it if the damn parrot had kept his mouth shut.

-For I am a pirate king!
And it is a glorious thing
to be a pirate king!

"Bob, we've been in Penzance for three days and haven't left the pub. You're drunk, sitting on the floor and singing to a stuffed parrot. We need to get home because we didn't win the record."
"But I have two root canals to do tomorrow morning."
"There's always next year."
"yeah, Let's drink to that."

Arrrgh! They scheduled this event, and I wasn't invited?

Someone is going to Walk the Plank for this!

(At least this guy is over the hump)

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