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August 06, 2017


Giant pig on the lam on Interstate 5

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The cops didn't find it odd the "farmer" who claimed the pig was named Smithfield?

Yeah, but can He do this.

Yeah, but can He also do this:Flying Pig Escapes?

When pigs fly, indeed!

Giant Pig opened for Jefferson Airplane. (No, FAA was not involved.)

For a minute there I wondered why my ex-husband was wandering around on Interstate 5.

Bacon on lamb? I'll have to try that.

Wanderer..You've never had a "blam" sandwich?

O'er the ham parts....

City slickers. A giant pig is known as a hog.

I saw Pig on the Interstate open for Pink Floyd and Canned Heat.

Tasty show.

Hamma lamma ding dong

As I-5 in that area is a linear parking lot, I'm sure the pig was entirely uninjured when he hopped off the trailer. He probably thought that they were at their destination since they had stopped for so long.

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