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August 31, 2017


Half of men cannot label where the vagina is on a picture of the female body

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Admittedly, some of us don't know our own a@@ from third base.

I'm pretty sure it's just to the right of West Vagina.


I can tell you where it's NOT. Does that count?

There once was a young man from Brighton...

Women, please start doing more to help your men on this topic!

The owner is usually around to provide directions when needed.

There was a young woman from Dallas...

@ OldPhil--To continue the limerick:

There was a young woman from Dallas
Who used a dynamite stick for a phallus

And Le Petomane exits the post, stage left.

"Would using post-it labels help?"

@Old Phil & Le Pet:

It has to start "named Alice" so the final line is "in Dallas".

But the middle is:

...They found her v****a in South Carolina...

Old jokes never die, eh?

This could account for a lot of the problems we read about on this blog.

Google images, at your cervix.

Gynaecological Whereabouts opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The version I heard was North Carolina, but who's checking?

Us ladies try to tell men where it is but you know how they are about taking directions. When they do listen they always know a short cut that will get them there quicker. It doesn't.

Well put, cindy, especially if they want to take the back road past the quarry.

Men don't need to ask for directions.

OldPhil started the crazy funny limerick memories. They used to be common in mining camps. I only remember one clearly. I believe it illustrates why limericks fell out of favor.

--My sweetheart's a mule in the mines
I drive her without any lines
On the bumper I sit
And tobacco I do spit
All over my sweethearts behind.

What idiots!!

Everyone knows it's next to the uvula!

I'm going to defer to NurseCindy on this one, gents. She is a nurse after all.

When it comes to identifying 'lady parts' most men are in the bush league.

Do I win a prize if I got it right?

I, like most men, will not look at dirty pictures !

I think the media is ovaryacting on this issue.


Hey - I didn't say anyone would listen to the directions, let alone ask.
They are still going to be "offered."

Ernest Hemmingway said,"MEN have a head full of vaginas"...so maybe 1/2 get that confused? Surely they don't think...er...

Isn't vagina that new planet they discovered out past Pluto? No?

Those are just a myth, their existence has never been proven.

Perhaps these men are gay.

It's apparently now possible to be a male lesbian living in a man's body. Somebody help me understand this.

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