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August 26, 2017


Please celebrate responsibly.



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I'm gonna lick my...lick my...crap, I'm not a dog.

Lucy, you got some splayin' to do.

She is so beautiful. I love old dogs.

Dwight Yoakam - I've Got a Dog:


So take a dog to lunch?

Unless it's a service dog, many restaurants won't welcome...

Lucy's had to put up with a lot

My Chihuahua has really taken advantage of today. She's demanded clean water in the toilet bowl, breakfast in bed, etc.

Lucy looks like she's gonna party till the cows come home...and, when they DO come home, she'll be like, "Yeah, ok, so what..."

Happy National Dog Day to Lucy and her pet people!

Guy takes his dog into a bar, sets him on the stool beside him, orders a beer. Bartender says, "You can't bring that dog in here, mister."
"But this dog can talk," says the man.
"It's that so? $100 says he can't"
"Okay. You heard the man. Say something, Ralph."
"How's it goin'?" says the dog.
"Holy ?!$&? Okay, here's your $100" says the stunned bartender.
"Um, can I get two fifties? I want to split it with Ralph."
Bartender slaps two fifty dollar bills on the bar, and the dog snatches one and jumps off the stool and hustles out the door. The man jumps up, says,"Uh-oh," and runs after him.
Bartender and a small crowd follow them out of curiosity, and as they all tumble into the street, they see Ralph humping a French poodle under a street light.
"Ralph! I've never seen you do THAT before!!"
Ralph says, "I've never had fifty bucks before!"

Happy National Dog Day!

I used to own dogs once upon a time but now I am a cat lover.

Threresa: Dogs have people, cats have staff.

I love dogs, and they love me. Now get off my leg, Rinnie!

I love cats too. Less needy usually.

Lucy looks like she has been out sniffing for diamonds in Uranus.

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