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August 30, 2017


Police later notified the couple that the burglar was on meth and that the burglar told the police that "Rachel from the t.v. show friends made him do it."

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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As long as it wasn't Joey, you're free to go.

Relatively sane

Thank God he wasn't listening to Urkel from Family Matters.

At first I thought he was blaming it on Rachel Ray, who does talk "incessantly"....but I am glad she was not to blame. He'll make a lot of new "Friends" in jail. God help us if he listens to them.

Sounds like Kennewick needs to move to Flathead County. So, if there's a Kennewick, does that mean there's a Barbiewick nearby?

He'll be a star on BIG BROTHER.

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