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August 27, 2017


People in Texas are hurting bad, and it won't get better for a long time. If you want to help, here's how.


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Thank you for helping us help, Dave. 💗

Dave, thank you for this post. I work with the American Red Cross and I've been getting updates from them since Hurricane Harvey moved into Texas. The disaster team is already in place and is helping people find food and shelter. They're also helping to rescue people who've been stranded. They're also providing clothing and other necessities to people who've lost everything. I'm proud to be a part of this organization.

We're thankful for Red Cross, too, nursecindy. These folks are simply amazing. Thanks to all who take time to support us Texans.

This was in my latest update.

Dear Cindy,

Here is an update on our response, as well as ways to get help:

More than 1,800 people took refuge from the deadly storm Saturday night in 34 Red Cross and community shelters in Texas, and one shelter in Louisiana. We have enough shelter supplies in Texas to support 28,000 people and supplies for an additional 22,000 people are being sent in now. In addition, tractor trailer loads of ready-to-eat meals, comfort kits, kitchen supplies and cleaning supplies are on the ground in Texas. Nearly half of our emergency response fleet – more than 150 vehicles – have been mobilized. The Red Cross has prepositioned blood products in Houston ahead of the storm to help ensure we can maintain an adequate blood supply.
If a friend or loved one is in harm’s way, urge them to be safe and listen to the advice of emergency officials. People in life-threatening situations that need rescue should call 9-1-1 or the U.S. Coast Guard at 281-464-4851.

They also mentioned that any monetary donation made to them will be matched dollar for dollar by 7-Eleven, Inc.

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