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August 25, 2017


A Kalispell man was upset because “the entire bar was mad at him last night and it was the bartender’s fault and nobody would do anything about it.” He also called 911 multiple times the night before to convey the same message.

Also: A Columbia Falls woman was concerned both about Facebook messages that she’d received recently and the fact that her dog was barking more than normal.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Is Flathead a rehearsal for Florida weirdness, or is it that Florida weirdness is a rehearsal for Flathead?

Also Prayers to Texas, Florida and all areas in between and hoping Harvey wimpers out before landfall.

funny man- The answer to your question is--yes.

And we join you in Prayers for the people of Texas and adjoining areas who are facing what could be a devastating hurricane.

Niles, man up!

"8:50PM. A man wearing a dress was sleeping in the grass in Kalispell."

Maybe somebody should take a pulse?

Stay safe Texas.
Also, if I'd a dollar for every time I've fallen asleep in the grass in my dress ...

8:50 p.m. A man wearing a dress was sleeping in the grass in Kalispell.


How do they know it was a man? Dress was too short?

@ Qaz--I wondered the same thing. The presence of leg hair might not be a big clue in flathead County.

It's Flathead world; I just live in it.

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