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August 29, 2017


These pics are proof you shouldn’t wear slogan shirts unless you understand what they say

(Thanks to funny man)


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Reminds everyone, never wear a tee shirt with the slogan written in Chinese. Also, never buy ANYTHING made in China. Especially if it is deemed 'edible'.

My wardrobe is sooo deficient.

The same people who wouldn't understand if you stood next to them wearing a shirt reading "I'm With Stupid."

I have a shirt that says "Kiss my arse"* in Irish, but that was no accident.

* "Pogue Mahone" for the culturally ambitious. It also essentially translates to "arse kisser."

If you like these, check out "Dave Barry Does Japan (1992)", available at fine used book dealers, libraries, and in your grocer's freezer.
For an extra buck, someone named Dave (a homeless guy, not Dave Barry) will autograph it for you!

I think I can "Fart in a sexy style". My dog loves it, but the cat seems surprised.

My favorite T says "You can never have too many guitars". Currently 8 and counting...
Second favorite, "I see dumb people".

And I DO understand the meaning...I think....?

All your base are belong to us

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