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August 30, 2017


Marijuana users WALK differently

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Study shows how the drug affects users' elbows, shoulders and knees

When all the above are dragging on the ground, yes, that's different.

Double jointed, Bong Kneed and Dynamite Toed. Familiarize yourself.


This might explain the demon cat. (I did say might.)

Key phrase: "The study's authors are calling for more research."

And many do not do well performing "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" at a sobriety checkpoint.

Well after reading all the pro-marijuana literature, I ASSUME they walk better.

The expert "scientists" also observed that drunk people walk differently. They made these observations while sitting silently for a long time a dim room stoned out of their minds. Then they discussed these observations as if they made the most profound discovery of all time. Then they laughed uncontrollably for a time and passed out.

Here come ol' Flattop, He come cruisin' up slowly...

You'd walk different too if you had a kilo stuffed up your butt. (Just saying)

Ralph, they don't do well when they attempt to do the Hokey Pokey either.

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