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August 28, 2017


Is Tom Cruise wearing a fake butt in this movie?

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.02.14 AM

(Thanks to funny man)


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And yet amid this current crisis the Earth still revolves around the Sun.

Now that you mention it... It does look a bit fake.

Another fine product from the Kardashian line of beauty and auto parts.

There are other alternatives too gruesome to contemplate.

That has gotta have gravitational field and asteroids.

Here's my answer: Who cares?

Does your hot and tired ass got you down? Try new Air pillow a**holes.

No, but his stunt double does. Probably an airbag.

Obviously, he just deployed a massive fart that puffed out his pants for an instant captured by high speed photography.

Manual, more likely a bunch of thetans are escaping.

"Tom, The Kardasians' lawyer is on line 1. He says something about a lawsuit for booty appropriation..."

There is really nothing odd here. In movie making often a lot of padding is added to clothing to keep actors from being injured. In this scene from Valkyre, Cruise, playing von Stauffenberg, had just escaped being blown up by a bomb, hence the obvious butt padding.
Trust me, I TRIED to come up with a snarky comment here.

I've always thought Tom Cruise was a giant @ss.

Looks like he needs to try the tiny frog salad diet...

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