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August 31, 2017


Maine woman, 2 goats unhurt after crash on interstate

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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"driven by 70-year-old Anne Mayer"

I would have guessed her name to be "Angie" and that she was getting ready to cook up some goats head soup.

Anne Mayer's Fresh Cabrito Delivery Service is off to a shaky start.

What is the big deal? She was just taking the kids for a ride!

The detail that surprised me is that the accident was caused because she fell asleep - not because the goats bumped her, distracted her or had anything to do with it. How could a person fall asleep with two goats in the car?

The GOATHERDER ran away because he did not want to explain to the police WHY he was herding goats on a freeway.

Makes perfect sense...

Goats to hand it to her.....
Yeah, I know, another reach....

*Geezer bus pulls up in front of Capisce's house and honks*

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